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3D Live Pool 2.70

A piece of software that allows you to play a game of pool with friends
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Playing a game of pool with friends is a fun way to spend time for many of us. Now you can play it on you computer with the help of this piece of software. This program allows you to play a game of pool in three different ways: either versus a computer of selectable difficulty, with a friend in the hot-seat mode or with other people over a network. Besides playing the classic 8-ball pool mode, you can select to play different types (only the 8-ball mode and Bonus (9) are available in the trial version) such as: Bonus (single player) rounds, 3-ball, 9-ball, 15-ball, Rotation, etc.

The game is pretty simple to play. All you need to know about how to play it is presented during the game by accessing the help menu (press F1).

The design neither impresses nor disappoints. It is like many standard pool games available on the market. A feature that makes this game different from other pool games is the fact that you can host and join servers over the network in order to play with someone from a different machine. In the full version of 3D Live Pool you have the possibility of changing the table, room, balls and the cue type, a nice feature that many other pool games also don't have.

To sum it all up, this piece of software is just another pool game that allows you to play pool with your friends either on the same computer (hot-seat mode) or over a network.

Tyler Vidd
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  • possibility of changing the table, cue, room, balls


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